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We are driven by the quest for business value for our customers. Specifically, to help them achieve excellence in the domains of Sales, Digital Transformation and Operations. Our only agenda and spirit of partnership is to ensure that our customers achieve sustainable business value. Our clients bear testimony to the work we do and business outcomes that we help them attain. Based out of Singapore, we are a team of professionals with global experience and global aspirations.

We realize that education and enablement is often a key success factor in the journey to business transformations. Hence, training, facilitating and mentoring, combined with consulting work is the hallmark of our approach.

We work as strategic advisors with key customer executives to help them make better decisions, action them and achieve the sustainable success they desire. Our strength lies in our ability to ‘connect the dots’; apply our analysis and synthesis skills to arrive at innovative solutions, and then use our facilitations skills to drive change management and adoption of the recommended solution.

We are passionate about engaging with our clients as partners to deliver customized solutions specific to their needs. We also strive to strike an ideal balance between management theory and practice. Our engagement methodologies are based on sound and proven management frameworks and applied in the context of our customer’s business environment.


“A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself” 

– Jeroen De Flander, Strategy Execution Thought Leader

This is our core belief.

Strategic Planners and Business Managers need to weigh in a myriad of possibilities, uncertainties and risks in order to develop a strategic plan that makes the best use of an organization’s resources. The strategic plan then needs to tie in seamlessly with the annual business planning processes and the operational planning processes so that the ‘Strategy’ can be ‘Actionable’ at the most granular level of an organization.

We apply proven frameworks such as Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking, Process Methodologies such as Integrated Business Planning, Lean and Six Sigma, and our keen understanding of the digital domain to help our customers make the journey from strategy to execution.


We will succeed only when our customers succeed. We embrace this philosophy and strive to deliver meaningful business outcomes for our customers. Our customer’s agenda is our only agenda, always.


We believe that every customer’s situation is unique and a ‘cookie cutter’ approach cannot bring about sustainable business transformation.

Our philosophy is therefore to remain flexible to each customer’s needs. We apply the latest thinking, frameworks, and methodologies but are careful to adapt them to suit the business context of our customers.