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  • Sales Excellence
  • Digital Excellence
  • Operations Excellence

For senior sales leaders, revenue and market share growth, customer retention and new business acquisition are key to making a positive impact in the organization. But the challenges appear to remain – Are we generating enough leads? Are we closing enough deals? Is the competitive offering too hard to match? The price of the competition too low?

A Global Survey by Miller Heiman indicated that overall, sales organizations are struggling in the new world of rapid and disruptive change. Over a 5-year period, between 2012 – 2017, average win rates are down, lower number of sales reps are making their quotas and companies are struggling to meet their revenue plans.

We believe that to attain sustainable Win-Win partnerships with organizations the Sales function needs to provide perspectives on ‘Value’ based on the proverbial trident of Product, Sales and Customer Domain understanding. An organization with good products and services will not be able to successfully sell, if the sales teams do not adopt world class sales processes and skills. But Good Product and Sales Capabilities would not necessarily yield dividends until the value of the products and services is articulated in the context of the customer’s business environment and their priorities.

Our Sales Excellence offerings as shown below, cuts across the entire spectrum of interactions with the sales process, from ‘contact’ to ‘contract’ and are designed to help customers develop their sales capabilities and understanding of customer domain and value.

  • Sales Methodology and Skills Offering
  • Customized Customer Insight Offering

Large Account Management Program® is a framework for breaking down a very “large” strategic account into more manageable “Fields of Play”. We have a 2-day program on Large Account Management Program (LAMP) which helps the participant develop an understanding and the ability to apply a collaborative engagement and development process between customer stakeholders and sales organization. The key outcomes are:

  1. Protection and growth of sales revenues
  2. Highlighting cross-sell opportunities
  3. Stronger focus on account’s business direction/strategy
  4. Reduced competitive pressure
  5. Strengthening of relationships and openness with your customers

Managing Sales Opportunities – Strategic Selling® helps organizations develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities. In our 2-day program on Strategic Selling®, sales teams will use the popular Blue Sheet to develop action plans to successfully sell solutions that require approval from multiple decision makers in the customer's organization. Strategic Selling® significantly improves the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. It gives organizations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and criteria for allocating resources to determine when to walk away from resource-intensive deals with a low probability of success. Organizations will have the tools to help salespeople focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers. The key outcomes are:

  1. Secure approval from multiple decision makers.
  2. Navigate the internal bureaucracy of customers and prospects.
  3. Gain more visibility into the status of important sales opportunities.
  4. Allocate resources appropriately for large sales.
  5. Improve team collaboration to pursue strategic opportunities.
  6. Forecast revenue with greater accuracy.
  7. Increase close rates for opportunities with long sales cycles.

Managing Conversations - Conceptual Selling® focuses on the process of building up customer orientation and planning for optimizing each and every interaction with the customer. Good selling begins with asking relevant, dialog-producing questions, and listening. Without first understanding the business obstacles a customer is facing, it is impossible to qualify the opportunity or propose an effective solution.

The participants of our 2-day Conceptual Selling workshop learn how to:

  1. Apply World class Consultative Selling Skills methodology in the context of your real-life Sales situations
  2. Leverage a unique, proactive questioning process to understand customer’s business priorities and requirements
  3. Position your company more effectively by utilizing your unique strengths
  4. Identify why a customer “won’t commit”—and what to do about it
  5. Distinguish between an objection and a basic issue and learn how to overcome them
  6. Position yourself confidently with senior executives
  7. Define realistic expectations for sales call outcomes
  8. Establish credibility with every buyer, every time

Managing Conversations - SPIN® Selling Conversations is a research-based, advanced questioning skill program that combines SPIN Selling’s proven methodology with today’s best-practices in B2B selling. The 2-day interactive classroom program on SPIN Selling was developed after speaking with sales professionals globally about how to solve their most difficult challenges. SPIN® Selling integrates in-depth exercises, drills and activities, giving participants opportunities to acquire and practice new skills. Online manager-led and individual reinforcement modules and assessments help sharpen and elevate sales aptitude beyond the classroom experience.

SPIN® Selling is designed for all sales professionals and leadership (C-suite executives, vice presidents, managers, directors) who want to:

  1. Shorten their sales cycles, strengthen customer relationships and improve their sales
  2. effectiveness
  3. Find ways to differentiate their offerings from the competition, even in a commodity environment
  4. Sell to senior executives, buying committees, and end users – often at the same time and in the same account
  5. Present their offerings with high impact, avoiding “feature dumps” and discounting
  6. Make credible sales calls at senior executive levels

Articulating the Value of your Products and Services in the context of your customer’s business, in every interaction is key to succeed in sales endeavours. However, you do not need to spend the same level of effort for value articulation in every sales opportunity. Lower Value Sales Opportunities with low Deal Complexity will require a lower degree of customized customer insights as compared to high value, high complexity deals. From that perspective, our customized customer insight offerings straddle the full spectrum, by offering Outside-In Insight Services for Low Complexity Opportunities and full support, often on-site Value Consulting Services for High Complex Opportunities. The spectrum and services offered in each is illustrated below. Our customers usually choose any one or a combination of both to address their business value articulation needs.

Outside-In Value Analysis Model:

  1. Standard set of customer intelligence offerings, customized for each customer / industry
  2. Low Touch. Designed for salespeople to digest the information quickly and use in customer interactions with little or no help from Sales Management or ValueQwest
  3. Priced per customer or industry sector
  4. Ideal for Volume deals, where Value articulation is important

Value Consulting Model:

  1. Customized and deal specific consulting engagement
  2. High touch. Designed for high value deals with complex decision-making process and multiple stakeholders
  3. Needs strong Value Consulting expertise
  4. Priced per engagement based on scope
  5. Ideal for High Value deals, where Value articulation is critical

According to a 2018 Gartner survey, Only 23% of CIOs rate their organization as effective in business strategy and planning. Business and IT alignment have been a traditional issue that affects the IT strategy development process resulting in IT having to play a catch-up role constantly.

Post-2008 as global complexity and volatility has increased, enterprises are even more aware of the need to increase their agility and alignment in terms of their purpose, strategy, organizational capabilities, resources, and decision-making systems

Communication and Information technology disruptions and innovations have resulted in greater pressures on the CIO to drive value programs that deliver the necessary tools to achieve tighter and more effective alignment across the above dimensions.

Our Digital Excellence portfolio of services is designed to enable prospective and existing customers to discover and realize the best business value from their digital investments. We help align business and digital strategies and enable strategy execution via measurable, connected programs that achieve successful business outcomes.

  • Digital Business Value Discovery
  • Digital Business Value Realization

Historically, technology investments have consistently demonstrated poor returns due to a lack of alignment between the business and IT functions of the organizations, thus resulting in a relative lack of business ownership, especially when the investment decisions have been IT-driven.

Significant technology decisions are now being driven by business, due to increased digital literacy, ease of business technology and cheaper software solutions e.g. SaaS.

We work with senior executive and relevant representatives to understand your business strategy, drivers and expectations against your current operating performance and benchmark that against best of breed organizations in the sector.

We find opportunities for improvement and deep dive to identify key areas that would benefit from enhanced alignment and identify the gaps that can be offset by introducing new or enhancing your existing digital capabilities.

We baseline your current digital infrastructure and map a path to achieve greater maturity and realize the enablers for enhanced business-IT alignment.

Customized Engagement

Depending on specific Client needs, we can deep dive and focus on a specific business function for example either at a divisional level or functional level such as sales, finance, procurement, HR in order to identify opportunities within the functional value chain such as Cash conversion cycles, asset management,  order to cash, procure to pay etc.

Our typical engagements and deliverables in the Value Discovery area are:

  • Industry and Market Trend Analysis
  • Go To Market Strategy and Plan Development
  • Business Strategy Review & Digital Capability Development Roadmap
  • Account Planning Workshop Facilitations
  • Account Intelligence
  • Identifying Win Themes and the CEO Agenda
  • CXO Conversation Topics
  • Peer analysis & Move the needle-based opportunities identification (that can lead to value realization and/or specific operation excellence initiatives)
  • Deal specific coaching - Deal Crafting and Business Value Articulation
  • Detailed Business Case Analysis
  • Board Level Presentation development for maximum impact

The Value Realization program is determined from the value discovery phase where goals and objectives are established for your digital excellence journey. The programs are designed to optimize digital investment outcomes in your business functions such as sales, logistics, manufacturing/service operations as well as look at your support functions such as finance, procurement, and HR. We help set guidelines for Project Value Realization by helping in identifying business KPIs to set baseline measures for tracking business outcome after project completion. We also help in setting up and running of value management offices where outcomes from digital investment initiatives need to be closely tracked and ensure alignment with overall corporate strategy. This is increasingly the trend as CEOs now recognize the need for digital capabilities as part of the overall corporate strategy initiatives.

Our typical engagements and deliverables in the Value Discovery area are:

  • Digital Portfolio Alignment and technology spend plan development
  • Value Management Office Setup and Execution
  • Change Management Planning and Execution
  • Digital Technology Organization Structure Design and Resource Capacity Planning
  • Digital sourcing strategy and vendor selection program/ contract structuring and monitoring
  • Program and Project Management Services
  • Post-implementation review and ongoing monitoring

Value Partnerships

Depending on specific Client needs, we also facilitate bespoke initiatives such as supply chain optimization initiatives or large program management initiatives where there is a clear need to drive programs that aligned to management objectives such as reorganization, technology migration, mergers, and acquisition implementation programs and other complex scenarios

Operational Excellence is at the heart of achieving business success in the fast-changing business environment today. We help Organizations do the ‘Right Things’ and do ‘Things Right’

  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Supply Chain Simulation Game
  • Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement

Planning is an essential element in today’s complex and high variability supply chains. Global leaders such as, Apple, Walmart, P&G, and Toyota understand this, and are able to bring their entire organizations into an integrated planning and execution mode. Integrated Business Planning (IBP), traditionally also known as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an approach for establishing such an integrated framework and has emerged as an essential top management tool today.

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”- Richard Cushing

Most organizations struggle with the challenge of developing a consolidated plan that cuts across timeframes (strategic, tactical, operational), functions (sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, finance) and geographies (regions where a company may operate in). That’s the first challenge. The second challenge is to ensure that the plan is ‘optimum’, i.e. it is sufficiently demand driven (based on what the customers will buy) and makes the best use of resources (people, equipment, inventory, money) to deliver the highest profits to the organization.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is an elegant framework that helps managers take a strategic view of the business and achieve it through executable plans in each business function so that everyone is working towards ‘One Common Goal’. In essence, it is a common-sense process designed for effective decision making for any organization, big or small, in private or public sector.

We work with customers in their IBP Journeys by helping in

  • Assessing readiness of their organization (process, systems, data and change management readiness) using a maturity model approach
  • Developing detailed implementation plans with clear objectives, scope, timelines, resource requirements, roles and responsibilities
  • Developing clear metrics for measuring success of the IBP program
  • Conducting Alignment Workshops with the senior management team for gaining commitment for the IBP Program
  • Executing the IBP Program with customer stakeholders

For a subject as vital as Supply Chain Management, it is not enough to simply tell people what needs to be done. We truly believe that going through an experience, will result in a better understanding. Our partner Inchainge’s(http://inchainge.com/)cross functional business simulation games represent a different approach to learning that puts participants at the heart of a lifelike simulation. As a team they will experience the impact of every decision they make, not just in their own functional ‘silo’ but across their business. At the same time their team is being benchmarked against others and it receives constant feedback.

The ‘The Fresh Connection’(https://www.thefreshconnection.biz/) is a cross-functional business simulation game which motivates your team to deliver optimal performance by using supply chain management best practices from real-world situations. See for yourself how The Fresh Connection will effect positive and powerful change in your enterprise

‘The Cool Connection’(http://inchainge.com/products/the-cool-connection/) delivers the ultimate (financial) supply chain learning experience. Experience the power of true alignment and a well-articulated strategy, supported by tactical skills and knowledge. Tear down functional silos and create the right cross functional mindset in your organization

We work with Corporates and Universities to design customized training programs and workshops for Supply Chain and Integrated Business Planning Capability Development initiatives. Where theory and practice come together in a fun and competitive learning environment with the aid of these simulation games.

Our business environments are changing rapidly owing to changing customer preferences, competition, technology, government regulations so on and so forth. Organizations have to constantly understand the change facing them and adopt their value delivery processes to meet the new requirements. A continuous focus on process improvement and process consistency is thus required to survive and sustain in today’s world. ‘Lean and Six Sigma’ methodologies provide the philosophy, framework and the set of tools for organization to be able to do so.

Our team has years of experience driving lean initiatives across industries and demonstrating significant business outcomes. We help organizations understand the need for adopting lean in their specific context, build up awareness on lean philosophy and methodologies through training and hand hold organizations to apply lean principles in specific areas of their businesses until the time the time that adherence and belief in the lean philosophy becomes part of their DNA.