Our Capabilities

  • Sales Excellence
  • Digital Excellence
  • Operations Excellence

For senior sales leaders, revenue and market share growth, customer retention and new business acquisition are key to making a positive impact in the organization. But the challenges appear to remain – Are we generating enough leads? Are we closing enough deals? Is the competitive offering too hard to match? The price of the competition too low?

A Global Survey by Miller Heiman indicated that overall, sales organizations are struggling in the new world of rapid and disruptive change. Over a 5-year period, between 2012 – 2017, average win rates are down, lower number of sales reps are making their quotas and companies are struggling to meet their revenue plans.

We believe that to attain sustainable Win-Win partnerships with organizations the Sales function needs to provide perspectives on ‘Value’ based on the proverbial trident of Product, Sales and Customer Domain understanding. An organization with good products and services will not be able to successfully sell, if the sales teams do not adopt world class sales processes and skills. But Good Product and Sales Capabilities would not necessarily yield dividends until the value of the products and services is articulated in the context of the customer’s business environment and their priorities.

Our Sales Excellence offerings as shown below, cuts across the entire spectrum of interactions with the sales process, from ‘contact’ to ‘contract’ and are designed to help customers develop their sales capabilities and understanding of customer domain and value.

According to a 2018 Gartner survey, Only 23% of CIOs rate their organization as effective in business strategy and planning. Business and IT alignment have been a traditional issue that affects the IT strategy development process resulting in IT having to play a catch-up role constantly.

Post-2008 as global complexity and volatility has increased, enterprises are even more aware of the need to increase their agility and alignment in terms of their purpose, strategy, organizational capabilities, resources, and decision-making systems

Communication and Information technology disruptions and innovations have resulted in greater pressures on the CIO to drive value programs that deliver the necessary tools to achieve tighter and more effective alignment across the above dimensions.

Our Digital Excellence portfolio of services is designed to enable prospective and existing customers to discover and realize the best business value from their digital investments. We help align business and digital strategies and enable strategy execution via measurable, connected programs that achieve successful business outcomes.

Operational Excellence is at the heart of achieving business success in the fast-changing business environment today. We help Organizations do the ‘Right Things’ and do ‘Things Right’