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Ready Player X

Team up, Play, Learn, Fail, Grow, Win and Concept
Every Monday | 8pm (GMT +8) | Online

Ready Player X

Remember the 2013 Steven Spielberg Science Fiction Movie – ‘Ready Player One’? Where, in a future world, most of humanity uses virtual reality software to stay in touch, in order to escape the desolation of the real world? In some ways we are all going through a similar situation in the current challenging times. Let’s use this time to connect with other professionals virtually, learn new concepts, new skills through an online experiential simulation game.

The Fresh Connection (TFC) is the world’s leading online Value Chain strategy game. It is also the name of a fictional fruit juice producer on the brink of collapse. Participants run this virtual company in teams of four. Their biggest challenge is to collaborate as a team to make the best strategic and tactical decisions for the Value Chain of The Fresh Connection, in order to save it from the abyss. Team members will learn that alignment is key, whilst at the same time they will improve their end-to-end value chain understanding.


  • 40% of the Top 100 manufacturing in the Fortune Global 500
  • 50% of the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25
  • 40% of the Global Top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Provider
Program Outline:
  • 5 Rounds of the Fresh Connection (Team Interaction: 8 Hours)
  • 6 Videos & RPX Pro Community (2-3 Hours)
  • Optional Preparation Modules:
  • E-Learning modules from the Value Chain Academy at a discounted price
  • Topics: SC Strategy, S&OP/IBP and Inventory Management
Who Should Attend:

Professionals under supply chain functions such as Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain who want to better appreciate the overall value chain and understand the importance of alignment or capability development in their individual roles. Registration is for individuals and we would connect you into our RPX Professionals Club. Team assignment is randomized across overall registration pool of RPX participants (other Supply Chain Professionals) around the world to play as a team!

Key Takeaways:
  • Experience the impact of value chain management on business performance in a competitive simulation environment. See the positive effects of creating alignment and breaking down functional silos.
  • Work Together in teams of 4 to manage the end-to-end value chain. Create virtual teams online with your peers from around the globe.Enjoy collaborating with a culturally diverse, geographically spread team
  • Learn and Develop by honing your understanding and skills in managing a supply chain

For details of Program content, Duration, Pricing and Registration, please visit our RPX Registration web site here