The Fresh Connection Global Challenge

Now – 2 Oct 2020 | Online

The Fresh Connection Global Challenge

The Fresh Connection Global Challenge is designed as a unique supply chain management (SCM) training event. Company teams (members from the same company), as well as Individuals teams (members from different companies), made up of four people, take part in open training workshops which are meaningful learning experiences in their own right. At the same time they are benchmarked against other participating teams. Based on the benchmark outcomes teams can be promoted to a global competition.

From the very start teams have to make the best strategic and tactical choices to save the virtual company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin. They also compete against other teams, first in their own workshop, and once promoted nationally and ultimately globally in a spectacular event called The Fresh Connection Global Final.

Finally, the best team of all becomes The Fresh Connection World Champion. And besides recognition and fame, this entitles them to a 1 week SCM Executive Course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In order to prepare for the Global Challenge, teams have the opportunity to attend public training workshops or online training sessions organized for their country. Each workshop includes a number of rounds of The Fresh Connection. These training sessions are a meaningful learning experience in their own right. Participants can join in Company teams (members from the same company), as well as in Individuals teams (members from different companies).

Due to the current COVID-19 Situation, the international preliminaries – Singapore leg has been rescheduled to 14 Sep – 2 Oct 2020. They will be divided into Country pools, and during this 6-week period, they will experience 3 additional rounds of the simulation as they compete against the best value chain management teams from their country and from the world. Typically, 2-3 hours per round will be required.

The strongest teams of their country or region will continue to the Global Final, to be held on November 19 and 20, 2020. Due to Covid-19 situation the Global PRO Final 2020 will be an online event (look into this space for further details). The best team will claim the title of The Fresh Connection World Champion

Program Outline:
  • The challenge is to save a company (TFC) from the brink of disaster by getting them to realize positive ROI. The team that gets the highest ROI wins
  • Optional Online training sessions with TFC facilitators from now till 13 Sep 2020 to hone your skills and knowledge on Supply Chain Management prior to taking part in the TFC international preliminaries – Singapore leg
  • Teams (in groups of 4) will compete in the international preliminaries – Singapore leg – From 14 Sep – 2 Oct 2020
Who Should Attend:

Professionals under supply chain functions such as Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain who want to better appreciate the overall value chain and understand the importance of alignment or capability development in their individual roles

Key Takeaways:

Winners of Global Challenge Finals receives a free five-day Executive Education SCM course at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA, worth $4,995 per participant


Participation in Singapore Round only: S$600 per team of 4
Online training workshop with participation in Singapore Round: S$1,400 per team of 4
Face-to-Face training workshop at Singapore with participation in international preliminaries: S$2,500 per team of 4

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