Ecosystem 2.0: Climbing to the next level

COVID-19 accelerates customers' migration to digital, with consumers of all ages going online for everything from food to cars to doctor visits.

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Digitizing Vodafone's Supply Chain Beginning with Procurement as a Major Focus

Bob Trebilcock, the executive editor of Supply Chain Management Review, recently interviewed Ninian Wilson, global supply chain director, and CEO of the Vodafone Procurement Company about Vodafone's digital journey.

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Consumer Confidence at Lowest Point in 6 Years

A Conference Board survey said consumers felt that both business and employment conditions had deteriorated over the past month.

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Optimizing Your Warehouse & Distribution Operations with the Right Balance of Labor and Technology

Changed warehouse and distribution landscape - A global pandemic, a massive uptick in e-commerce, and faster delivery expectations converged to create a "perfect storm" for product-centric companies.

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Stock outs plagued retailers and manufacturers in the early days of the pandemic. Recovery has not been the same across product categories.

5 charts show CPG inventory challenges

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Technology & Automation

The Continuing Convergence of the Public Cloud and Supply Chain Management Software

How Software-as-a-Service (Saas) took over the supply chain software market, where it stands now, and how far we have to go before the supply chain is truly autonomous

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Digital Transformation - Doing it Right

Assessing your own digital maturity as an organization can be difficult to manage while also balancing the day-to-day needs of your business, these five steps will allow you to explore an assessment of your digital transformation maturity.

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Companies can significantly reduce technology system outages and other costly tech glitches by improving incident response and how they manage change.

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risk management

A Whole New Way of Looking at Warehouse Safety

A Whole New Way of Looking at Warehouse Safety Four forklift experts weigh in with how new designs and technologies are making the workplace safer.

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FMCSA Looks to Expand Its Safety Role

'Beyond Compliance' initiative focuses on technology and industry successes

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