Digital Imaging Company, Japan

An innovative digital imaging company was facing an uphill climb to increase revenue and gain market share with a new product.

The leadership team made a strategic decision to expand its salesforce and compete in new markets. They also identified two critical areas for improvement: skills to differentiate their line in customer conversations and the development of practical coaching skills for all managers.

In their industry, it’s often difficult for sellers to avoid or overcome indifference from their buyers. Both factors pushed leadership to the conclusion that new training was a make-or-break decision for the business, and they needed to invest in this project effectively.


The company was confident they had capable sellers currently on their teams; however, they wanted to arm their teams with the skills that are proven to win. Too often, sales calls would focus on products and services, rather than benefits. When leadership would listen to sellers in the field, their conversations would be one-sided, with the buyer seeming disinterested and barely talking, a common challenge in technical sales. The final straw was exposing tactics that jumped at the first opportunity buyers identified, rather than employing active listening to understand the root of the problem and create a shared plan of action.


A Sales ExcellenceImprovement Project was conceived and ValueQwest engaged as the consultants to help address the above challenges by helping sellers to:

  • Identify underlying needs of their customers
  • Deliver value messages in every customer interaction
  • Align selling solutions to address business challenges of your customers



In a partnership with us,the company identified critical areas for improvement within their current salesforce, as well as creating a world-class sales profile for hiring new sellers. In addition, the firm was able to develop a systematic, repeatable process for all sellers to follow.

Professional Selling Skills (under our partners ‘Miller Heiman Group, Now Part of KornFerry’) in our selection of Sales Enablement Excellence process was selectedand laid the foundation for this process and subsequent reinforcement. Delivering Professional Selling Skills to their team enabled sellers, and their managers, to increase collaboration and hone in on the benefits of their products, rather than features. This training also created a bridge for sales and marketing to create shared value messaging, from high-level marketing content, through sales interactions, and to implementation engagements after the deal closed.

With the benefits of implementing the new selling processes and coaching methods using Professional Selling Skills, the company was able to achieve:

  • New process and cross-functional collaboration resulting in 30% YOY growth
  • 100% adoption rate with sales and marketing

Retaintop talent with investment in professional development