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  • We work with leading companies to develop and deliver comprehensive supply chain capability building programs. Our programs are tailored and modular. Companies can start small and simple, and continue to add learning components over time where they add most value.
  • Our uniquely blended and comprehensive (end-to-end supply chain) learning components (assessments, e-learning, experiential simulation game-based face to face and virtual workshops) provide the flexibility to modern learners and global companies to take their learning journeys as they want to, at a global scale.
  • We work with key stakeholders in supply chain and learning & development functions of the company to help fine tune competency frameworks, identify roles and develop learning journeys for each role. So that, each individual, in collaboration with their managers and HR can chart out their own specific learning journey based on their own career aspirations and current competency levels.
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  1. Piloting a Supply Chain via a Simulator
  2. If you crash the company, no one is hurt, and you keep your job!
  3. A team does great / bad, not a single individual

Corporate Learning….Global Challenge
  • Every year we sponsor a few top teams to the Global Professional Challenge organized by our partner Inchainge BV (link to Inchainge section of website). This is a unique competitive event for our corporate clients. Company teams (members from the same company), as well as Individuals teams (members from different companies), made up of four people, take part in open training workshops and go on to play the local regional finals. The challenge – save a century old fruit juice manufacturing company from the brink of disaster.
  • Depending on the number of teams we may have a Regional Finals to select the final list for participation in the Global Final marquee event. The Global Final will have exciting prizes – the most recent one had the winners participating in a Master Class from…<< to be filled in >>
  • The Global Challenge is usually held every November and comprises of the competition as well as additional events that will add tremendous value to participating team members./li>
  • Here are a few views of the most recently held challenge (November 2023)
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Trending Courses for supply chain professionals

  • End to End Supply Chain Management with The Fresh Connection
  • Building Resilient Supply Chains with The Fresh Connection
  • Supply Chain Analytics with The Fresh Connection
  • Sustainable Supply Chains with The Triple Connection
  • Supply Chain Finance with The Cool Connection
  • Circular Supply Chains with The Blue Connection
  • Demand Planning Fundamentals
  • Supply Chain Strategy Workshop
  • Corporate training programs are typically about 16-24 hours in duration, delivered online or in person or in hybrid mode depending on company preferences. They can also be customised as per training cohort needs Public programs are delivered online and are typically 16 hours in duration
  • The Inchainge BV suite of simulation products our partner Inchainge are ideal tools that can be part of many supply chain courses.
  • If you are a University professor and teach full time students in undergraduate or post graduate colleges in India, and are interested in incorporating the world’s best supply chain simulation games as part of your course curriculum or as a end of course project, reach out to
  • The Fresh Connection can be used to emphasize and reinforce various supply chain concepts and themes taught during your course, and will help students experience managing a real life supply chain. This is invaluable in that they get a sense of how supply chain managers need to analyze data, communicate information, collaborate and take decisions that lead to the best performance for the supply chain. It will make them better prepared to take up positions in the companies they plan to join after college.

  • Are you a supply chain professional looking to learn more about being more effective?
    Do you want to learn about emerging trends and practices in the industry?
  • Are you open to learning in an individual capacity? Then our open Supply Chain Courses are ideal for you.
  • Sign up for one of our public programs (or express your interest in one, and we will contact you when a public program is in the works), and you can experience learning in an environment that is interactive, fun, and which puts you in practical situations where your decisions count. We use a powerful experiential learning pedagogy that takes you through a cycle of Experience-Reflect-Learn-Apply, that helps you learn, retain, and apply your learnings in your real life job roles better.
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  • You 'Experience' by playing multiple rounds of the simulation game / case discussions
  • Facilitated workshop to 'Reflect' on the decisions you made, and the results you achieved in each round
  • Facilitated learning sessions to 'Conceptualize' and understand the key principles
  • Apply' the new learning in the next round

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