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We believe that the only way for companies to prepare for the future is through enabling its people. Enabling the development of its employees is the key to create business value. Enabled employees will help to speed up the improvement pace, will help to manage trade-offs and tensions and will help to keep the improvement going. An environment of enabled employees will also help to attract and keep the right people. Our Supply Chain Academy offers a complete set of learnings covering all supply chain activities, from operational to strategic level. We tailor to individual needs using building blocks like eLearning, classroom training, simulations and coaching. Development of programs and paths are aligned with current and future needs. For global sales and delivery of we work with our exclusive partner (The Value Chain Academy) in different continents across the globe. Consistency and standardization of the concept, both in quality and content, is the driver for this cooperation.

We work with leading companies to develop and deliver comprehensive supply chain capability building programs. Our programs are tailored and modular. Companies can start small and simple, and continue to add learning components over time where they add most value.

Our uniquely blended and comprehensive (end-to-end supply chain) learning components (assessments, e-learning, experiential simulation game-based face to face and virtual workshops) provide the flexibility to modern learners and global companies to take their learning journeys as they want to, at a global scale.

We work with key stakeholders in supply chain and learning & development functions of the company to help fine tune competency frameworks, identify roles and develop learning journeys for each role. So that, each individual, in collaboration with their managers and HR can chart out their own specific learning journey based on their own career aspirations and current competency levels.

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Our Global Professional Challenge Competition:

The Fresh Connection Professional Global Challenge Competition is designed as a unique competitive event for our corporate clients. Company teams (members from the same company), as well as Individuals teams (members from different companies), made up of four people, take part in open training workshops and go on to play the local regional finals. The challenge – save a century old fruit juice manufacturing company from the brink of disaster.

Winners of the regional finals move to the Global Final stage where they test their mettle against the best of the best supply chain professionals across the world.

Winning the Global Finals is a testament and huge recognition by itself. As an added reward, the winning team of four gets the reward of an intensive four-day Executive Education SCM Course at MIT.

Watch the video below to get a feel for the high energy and challenging global competition

A challenge in teaching advanced supply chain principles to students is their lack of real-life experience, and hence their inability to relate the learning to past experiences. The Fresh Connection Game (TFC) from our partner Inchainge is a great learning tool that helps students bridge the gap between theory and practice. It helps them understand, relate to real-life supply chain challenges, and apply the core principles to make strategic and tactical decisions in a simulation game mode for a near real company. The experiential learning impact is powerful and long lasting.

The Fresh Connection Game is versatile and can be used for courses of different complexity for all levels of education. For educators and students, the text book ‘Mastering the Supply Chain, by Ed Weenk’, serves as an additional course supplement for teaching core principles of supply chain in the context of the TFC game environment.

For the above reasons, leading Universities across the world have embraced TFC as an integral part of their supply chain curriculum; at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

We actively work with University professors through our Train the Trainer programs, and provide guidance on designing effective supply chain management courses incorporating TFC game play.

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Our Global Student Challenge Competition:

The Fresh Connection Student Global Challenge Competition is a platform for students from Universities worldwide to come together in a fun, competitive setting and test their knowledge of supply chain principles against the best of the best. This is a very popular event that draws participation from hundreds of students across a large number of Universities. A huge networking opportunity and fame and recognition for the top 3 winning teams.

The Global Educator conference is also run in parallel to the student competition, where professors and lecturers from Universities worldwide get together to network, share thoughts on leading practices in pedagogy and advances in supply chain knowledge.

Watch the video below to get a feel for the high energy and challenging global student competition

We offer world class learning content from our partner The Value Chain Academy for individual professionals who want to further their knowledge of supply chain. We offer, open public programs where individual professionals can sign-up for experiencing the simulation game-based learning in a facilitator led class room session.

On a periodic basis, we also offer the game-based learning programs for cohorts, where individual professionals can sign up and team up with other individuals to have the same high impact learning experience as that of corporate participants.

In addition, we have put together rich digital learning content on a variety of supply chain topics that individuals can subscribe to and learn at their own pace. These eLearning programs are widely adopted by leading companies across the world as core content in the supply chain academy programs

These eLearning contents including assessment modules are divided into different tracks as follows:

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Design Track
    • Supply Chain Strategy
    • Network Design
    • Portfolio Management
  • Supply Chain Planning Track
    • S&OP / IBP
    • Inventory Management
  • Operations Excellence Track
    • Production Management
    • Warehouse and Transport Management

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