Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics

Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics BV (hereafter referred to as SELS) is the Central European logistics organisation of Samsung Electronics based in Delft, The Netherlands. The objective of SELS is to optimise the European Supply Chain strategy for all electronics products.


The objective of SELS is to be the Global Logistics Leader in electronics in the year 2020. In order to make this happen, SELS has started a Management Program in 2014 in which all European managers participate.


This management program trains people on leadership competencies and refreshes the knowledge of some supply chain theory.  A tailor made blended training is developed. Both soft skills and hard skills are trained by using a business simulation to provide an experiental learning environment.


The program consists of three modules, each module focusing on a specific leadership competence. The first training day of each module theoretical concepts and methods are taught, amongst others using small role plays.

On the second day of each module, participants play the business simulation The Fresh Connection which offers the opportunity to learn supply chain concept while experiencing new behaviour in a safe environment. Collaboration is key to get positive results. Here the link to the leadership competences of the first day is made. Going deep into the world of the game, sometimes being stressful or hectic, participants are challenged to work on their personal learning objectives of the first day. This way a safe learning environment is created which looks like daily life, where the main focus is on other, more rational questions than on your own behaviour. During the game play a dedicated trainer challenges the participants to experience with the new learned soft skills, and provides feedback on their behaviour during the team sessions.