Quick and Robust Decision-Making Using Analytics in Supply Chains – Hands-on learning using the world’s best supply chain simulation

July 25th 2024 2:00 PM IST, 4:30 PM SGT / Platform: Zoom

Quick and Robust Decision-Making Using Analytics in Supply Chains – Hands-on learning using the world’s best supply chain simulation

In the past few years, supply chains have evolved significantly in complexity and importance due to emerging business models, advanced technologies, sustainability mandates, and various global disruptions. In these dynamic times, making robust, data-validated decisions is crucial, and having a workforce with good competency in data analysis and decision-making is a highly valued differentiator in any organization. But this is easier said than achieved.

  • How do we quickly empower a Supply Chain Practitioner with adequate analytics competence to be able to take data driven decisions consistently?
  • Are there experiential methods that can mimic real-life scenarios to ensure better learning?
  • How can we enable application of learnings in actual job roles?
  • How do we make all this interesting, and motivate people to try out common sense approaches in a systematic manner?

To explore these questions, ValueQwest and Praxis Business School are jointly organising a webinar where we will:

  • Present the basic need for analytical and data driven decisions in the supply chain that uses a collaborative, analytical and systemic approach
  • Talk about how experiencing the effects of such an approach using a good supply chain simulation tool, will enhance the learnings and allow ideas to apply in real life scenarios to bloom
  • Demo The Fresh Connection, the world’s best supply chain simulation, where learners can get a sense of the challenges and opportunities in turning around a company using basic analytics approaches and collaborating with each other
  • Introduce the 16-hour online VQ-Praxis SC Analytics program where supply chain professionals can go through an impactful & experiential learning experience to equip themselves with the needed analytical skills

About ValueQwest:

ValuQwest is a knowledge company, focusing on Capability Building and Consulting in Supply Chain and digital domain. We work with multiple Fortune 500 companies in delivering our programs on various aspects of supply chain – Supply Chain Strategy, Risk & Resilience, Circularity, Supply Chain Finance, Supply Chain Analytics, Supply Chain Sustainability etc.

About Praxis Business School:

Praxis is a contemporary, industry-facing Business School that combines the art and science of theoretical learning with the virtues of practical training. Praxis is driven by the purpose of creating resources that will lead India’s transformation into the digital world and the belief that leaders of tomorrow need to be able to understand the impact of and the immense opportunities created by digital technologies in their respective functional areas

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