The Future of Selling – Four Focus Areas of Sales

12 Jun 2019 | Singapore

The Future of Selling – Four Focus Areas of Sales

Disruptive changes such as Digitization, Rapid Urbanization and Aging Workforce are fast changing our business world. Decision making for new investments and buying dynamics are rapidly changing as well. How can selling organisation in the B2B world succeed in markets that are facing lower productivity and digital disruption, where competitors are reacting with rapid business transformation, despite an uncertain geopolitical environment? These are some of the questions topmost in the minds of senior management today. How are the leading sales organisations across the world responding to such challenges?

In this presentation, Kaushik distilled the key findings from Sales Best Practice surveys across the world to present Four Areas that World Class Sales Organisations are focused on:

  • Instilling a Business Value Culture
  • Recruiting and Developing Next Generation Talent & Capabilities, Adopting Scalable Sales Methodologies
  • Increased Digitization of the Sales Function

Thanks to all participants for their time, active involvement and sharing of perspectives. Your participation made it such a fun and interactive event!

We at ValueQwest, in partnership with Miller Heiman Group, provide our methodology plus technology approach to selling aligns process, people, tools, data and analytics to lead organizations into the future of sales. Going beyond our core programs to offer a comprehensive portfolio of training, consulting, research and technology solutions that continue to define the modern approach to sales and service and produce world-class sales organizations.

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