We are firm believers in #gamified, #experientiallearning using simulation games

We are firm believers in #gamified#experientiallearning using simulation games. We love the way simulation game based programs impart effective learning with higher participant involvement, interaction, and lots of fun in a competitive learning environment.

Our newest passion is helping build awareness and capabilities for achieving sustainability goals in supply chains, and no prizes for guessing, we use a great simulation game #TheTripleConnection developed by our partner Inchainge.

Was delighted to see the learning impact from our most recent run of the ‘#SustainableSupplyChain‘ program with one of the leading global consulting / system integration firms (feedback below). The program challenged the participants to plan sustainability journey for a virtual company by helping them understand how to:

1. Operationalize Sustainability Goals: How can you make your organization’s sustainability goals real in a way that line managers can actively promote and buy into
2. Balancing Priorities: Managing: The often-conflicting priorities of driving business ROIs while building a sustainable business – How can you align financial objectives and sustainability values effectively?
3. Aligning Teams for Impact: Bridging the gap between sustainability and supply chain teams is crucial. How can you synchronize efforts for transformative impact on the ground?

An overall effectiveness score of 4.88 out of 5. Safe to say that it reflects customer value delivered well?.

As sustainability continues to shape the landscape of modern business, it’s imperative to bridge the gap between vision and execution within an organization’s supply chain. Building awareness and capabilities is key to success. We are delighted that we are able to make a small contribution towards that cause.

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