Cash Crunch portends unusual Volatility in Indian Supply Chains

The ongoing de-monetization measure in India (of rendering invalid the INR 500 and INR 1000 notes currently in circulation) has been received with mixed feelings and reactions. On one hand, the move is being lauded as a bold measure to rein in corrup ...

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Why Big Data is such a Big Deal for Supply Chains

Supply chain players have been late to the party where Big Data is concerned. Mostly, with exception of Retail, they were happy producing ‘things’ and selling ‘things’ to other B2B enterprises and basking in the relative comfort of low volume ...

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Value Quest – What, Why and How

Value Propositions, Unique Differentiators, ROI, Business Case…, the list goes on and on. Salespersons and Marketers are forever in the quest for the elusive answer to the eternal question – ‘what really makes the customer tick’? What is ‘V ...

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