Explore the world of Supply Chain Management and strategic decision-making!

Meet our partners – Kaushik Ghatak, ramachandran kallankara, and GS Nathan – at the Celerity Supply Chain Tribe Conference!

As part of ValueQwest Pte. Ltd. focus on people capability development in the supply chain and digital strategy domains, we will be showcasing our game-based learning solutions and their effective learning outcomes in this conference!

About the conference:
2 days, +70 speakers, and 1 dazzling award night – all with this year’s theme in mind: “Creating Best Value Supply Chains”

Join alongside Leading Change Makers and Disruptive Thinkers and discuss ideas on a wide range of topics, including Customer-centric Innovation, Sustainability-centric value chain operations, Decision-centric technologies, and a Human-centric work design.

Mumbai, India

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