Friday Musings: In search of Learning Outcomes

Friday Musings: In search of Learning Outcomes

Was having a discussion with a senior supply chain executive this week on capability building for his team. Specifically, on how to deliver high impact and long-lasting learning outcomes.

It is a challenge, in today’s times. Both of us acknowledged that. The traditional lecture based, or even case-based sessions are not very effective for time and attention starved executives. They understand the need for sharpening their theoretical understanding but do not have the time and the patience to learn the content before being able to apply them in their own context. The classic Bloom’s Taxonomy based program designs do not work very well. So, how do we put the proverbial cart before the horse, and not make a mess of it?

How do we transition from a traditional ‘push’ based pedagogy to a mode where we get the learners excited and get them into a ‘seek’ mode for acquiring new knowledge or refreshing old ones? The answer for me lies clearly in adopting experiential learning based programs. Where you give the participants the feel for the ‘context’ first, let’s say a business problem. Get them to take decisions, ‘feel’ the pain, and only then bring in the ‘theory’ and the ‘content’ for them to apply in the next round of decision making. Over multiple such rounds, the learning happens. Read on to see a few data points supporting my conviction.. Hans Kremer 🌍 Egge Haak Noah Schaul Nitin Kathuria Janat Shah Rajesh Piplani Rohit Bhatnagar #pedagogy #experientiallearning #simulation

Friday Musings: In search of Learning Outcomes

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